Synergy Coating

Specifically designed to work hand-in-hand with our systems and anilox rolls.


At Harris & Bruno, we are laser focused on coating. From equipment to chemistry, we are your one-stop-shop for all things coating. With over 70 years of industry knowledge and expertise, we are well prepared to help our customers exceed their targets. With dedicated project managers, in-house R&D capabilities, and extensive application expertise, we have the complete package to make sure that your goal is met.


Preserve. Protect. Embellish. Enhance. The ink that hits the page is meaningless unless it arrives to its destination unscathed and intact. Secure your print with a layer of coating, and while you're at it, why not activate the other senses, such as touch or smell? With specialty coatings like soft touch or grit, your piece is sure to stand out.


Save time and money by priming your own substrate in-house. No longer are you limited to what the supplier has. By coating your own media, you open your doors to a vast world of substrates. With more options, come more opportunities. Knowing that your team personally primed the sheet will help increase your success rate and customer satisfaction.

H&B Validated Coatings, Tried and Tested

Each H&B Synergy Coating has been extensively vetted in the H&B Innovation Center on an H&B ExcelCoat. By performing application acceptance testing in-house, we can guarantee that when using your H&B machine in conjunction with the recommended machine settings, anilox roll, and Synergy Coating, you will succeed every time. 


Technical resources for local compliance are very important when choosing a coating supplier. H&B has you covered! 

H&B Synergy Coatings are:

  •  Low Odor

  • Low VOC

  • Prop 65 compliant

  • FDA Compliant, etc.

  • Detailed MSDS and TDS for All Products 


We ship from centers located near many major markets, and have you covered with competitive pricing and lead times on:

  • 5 Gallon Buckets

  • 33 Gallon Drums

  • 55 Gallon Drums



Smooth-as-glass high gloss coating gives an extra pop to your printed pieces. With peak protection characteristics, as well as the ability to brighten any image, gloss coating is the most popular coating for every application!


A silky smooth satin finish is the perfect 'barely-there' coating for almost any application.


Soft Touch

Nothing says "high quality" quite like a velvety smooth coated print. Soft touch coating entices your audience's sense of touch and brings immediate value to print. H&B's renowned chamber/anilox system excels at quickly and consistently laying down flawless soft touch coating.


A non-gloss, subtle, and smooth coating for almost any application.



Imagine receiving an advertisement in the mail for a landscaping business. You can almost smell the fresh cut grass.... No, you definitely can—it's a scented coating! Immediately make a lasting impression on end users with scented  coatings. The scent possibilities are endless, and guaranteed to bring your print marketing to the next level.


Add depth to your print with rough visual and tactile enhancements. Grit coatings come in various degrees of roughness, and are great for marketers looking to engage end user's senses. From magazine covers to direct mail to packaging— grit coatings will bring the WOW factor!

Raised UV Gloss

For when you want that extra "pop" to make your page have an elevated look that you can feel.

Textured/Reticulated UV Gloss

Reticulated coatings add a  tactile experience to print. These durable coatings can be laid on thick, and work great as book covers and textured spot coatings.

Multi-color & Holographic Glitter

Glitter coating is available in every particle size and color imaginable. H&B offers specialty coating circulators and various anilox roll options to ensure our customers can run glitter with ease, whether it be a full coverage flood coating, or a selective sparkly spot coat.


In industries where bacteria is prevalent, anti-microbial coatings are effective 24/7 at reducing the risk of illness for the lifetime of the coated product . These coatings are primarily effective against bacteria, but also highly effective against mold, fungus, and some viruses.

Photo Finish

While silver halide photo finishing is a slow expensive, process, coating for photo finishing is quite the opposite. Obtain virtually identical finishes in half the time with our signature photo finish coatings in matte, gloss, and luster formulas.

Food Barrier

In the food industry, it's vital that the printed packaging does not penetrate the food, and vice versa. Food barrier coatings prevent water, oil, and grease migration from the food product, while also protecting the print.

Book Covers

A book cover not only needs to be durable and attractive, it needs to be able to withstand the constant folding that book spines endure. Our specialized formulas are made to be fold-able no matter how many pages you turn.

Playing Cards

Playing cards require more than just a standard AQ— you need that "slip" for easy handling. We've trialed many different coatings in order to guarantee that our playing card coatings are ready to be dealt.

Writable (Pen/Pencil Receptive)

For when you need a bit of ink protection, but also a bit of leeway. Writable coatings provide a protective layer, some aesthetic charm, as well as a surface that you can write on! 


Getting glue to stick to coating can be a challenge— enter glue-able coatings. ​H&B offers specialized formulas to provide the protection you need, without interfering with downstream finishing.

Foil Stamp-able

What better way to embellish than with a foil stamp? With a foil stamp-able coating, of course! H&B foil stamp-able formulas are great for when you are looking to take that embellishment to new heights.

Lamination Alternatives

Did you know that while coated paper is decomposable/recyclable, laminated paper is not? Not only is coating eco-friendly, it is more inexpensive, more versatile, and can do nearly everything lamination can. Lamination alternative coatings may be the sustainable solution you have been looking for!


Water-Based Primers

Available with our without IPA to either give you some extra "bite" or to meet specific regulatory requirements.

AQ and UV-Designated Press Washes

The absolute best formulas for complete cleanup. For best results, use in conjunction with the H&B automated wash cycle on your circulator.

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