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ExcelCoat ZRS30 Sheet Spot Coater Provides Accuracy & Efficiency

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Roseville, California — Harris & Bruno International is thrilled to share that the ExcelCoat ZRS3

0 Sheet Spot Coater made its debut this September at Print 17. The ZRS30 utilizes a quick change flexo-style plate system and sophisticated camera registration technology that compensates for digital drift. 

An inline/offline spot coater for UV and/or AQ chemistries, the ExcelCoat ZRS30 raises the bar in advanced finishing machinery. The ZRS30 has an integrated high-speed camera sensor which picks up a printed target on the tail edge of each sheet. The sensor then instructs servo motors to accurately align the print to the coating head. This cutting-edge technology provides superior sheet registration.

The ExcelCoat ZRS30 has the ability to spot coat up to 30 in x 24.5 in (762 mm x 622 mm) sheets, with a max thickness of .024 in. The ZRS30 also features automated wash up and coating pumping systems, and a quick-change sleeve system to swap out coating plates quickly, making it the perfect fit for packaging and commercial print applications.

Harris & Bruno has been manufacturing printing/coating machinery for 70 years. Current products focus on offline/inline coating systems, chamber/anilox, and related fluid pumping systems. H&B has a worldwide network of direct offices and dealers.


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