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See H&B at HP's Open House!

The HP Graphics Experience Center's Open House on September 9, 2023, in Barcelona, Spain is set to be an event that showcases the convergence of innovation and creativity. Showcasing the latest and greatest in print technologies, this event is sure to spark the imagination!

As part the of the GEC, H&B will be showcasing the amazing coating capabilities of the ExcelCoat ZRW. Stop in for a visit and see how fast and easy it is to protect your web prints with eco-friendly coating. Our very own Alessandro Bufalari will be on site and ready to show you around. Whatever your need, we'll help you #CoatWithConfidence

From designers and print professionals to business owners, the event promises to offer something for everyone interested in the cutting-edge printing technology of tomorrow. Plan on stopping in? Shoot us a message and we'll schedule some time!


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