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Chambered Systems

Designed specifically for Ink or Coating


Faster speeds mean more throughput. Faster speeds can also mean a huge mess if you're not using the right equipment. Chambers reduce slinging, and make sure that your coating is delivered to the page without creating piles of unusable pages.


The Chamber/Anilox System is vital when wanting to produce prints with a high-quality specialty coating or thick viscous ink. From super thick inks to soft touch to grit, the Harris & Bruno Chamber System ensures that your ink or coating is seamlessly delivered to your prints.


Whether for an ink or coating delivery, our experienced staff of engineers excels at understanding your needs in order to use the latest technology to create porting configuration specific to your equipment and needs. Offered on a variety of platforms. 

The Chamber/Anilox Advantage

Precision and accuracy are important when you have a job that needs to be reproduced. With a Harris & Bruno Chamber/Anilox System, repeatably comes with ease. Our HiFlow chambers optimize coating or ink through out the chamber, and ensures that the anilox roll receives the same amount of coating or ink, every time. Fully automated systems reduce operator error, and keep every print consistent with your target.

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Chamber With Anilox
Designed to Meet Your Needs

​H&B specializes in chambers designed specifically for digital, flexo, offset and corrugated applications. With multiple design types available to target specific viscosity ranges, H&B chambers allow for higher press speeds, and easy and efficient changeover. Various levels of automation are available to suit any application or print assembly. H&B’s proven expertise at designing custom orders make us your go-to for all your chamber system needs.

Tilt Mechanism

​H&B chambers utilizes a tilt feature allowing the chamber to be rotated out of the way for easier service access. This is a convenient way to manually tilt the chamber back for better anilox and chamber consumable access. Air tilt rotation is available for heavy systems.

Hydrocomp Linear Load

​H&B is proud to be home to the industry’s most advanced blade-loading technology, Hydrocomp. Combining the rigidity of a mechanical system with automatic compensation for blade wear, the Hydrocomp maintains a uniform blade angle, which increases blade life over mechanically loaded systems.

W1 Chamber Load

​The W1 chamber loading system is a pneumatic/mechanical system that retains chamber pressure on the anilox roll throughout each run, providing incremental advances as blades wear. The rigid design is less susceptible to back driving and pulsing, delivering consistent, reliable, and clean coating runs. The W1 incorporates blade wear compensation without sacrificing rigidity. No oil is required on this system— the W1 needs only air to operate!

HiFlow Chamber System

​The renowned Hiflow Chamber System is best for printers running high speed applications and looking to eliminate starvation/coverage voids. High flow rate and coating throughput minimizes micro-foam accumulation in the chamber for improved coating laydown. The compact, lightweight design allows easy handling, making the Hiflow Chamber System the best option for printers running various coatings.

Coating Chambers
Ix Chamber Logo.png
Ix Applicator Chamber

More cost-effective than Carbon Fiber, yet just as robust, the Ix applicator chamber is used in environments outside the normal 5-9.5 pH. This chamber has special components that resist the entire pH range and eliminate the potential for an aggressive ink, coating, or cleaner to attack the aluminum base of the chamber. This chamber is great for anti-pulsation & anti-foaming.​

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Flexographic Inking Systems

​Designs available for manual, semi-automated, and fully-automated wash systems. Customized porting allows optimized ink recovery and wash efficiency. Chamber profiles are tailored for high press speed applications.

Deep Cavity Chambers

​The special H&B deep cavity chamber is essential for high viscosity applications (inks above 500 cps). It allows more fluid to be stored in the chamber and provides better fluid movement within the chamber.

M3 Tool-less Chamber System

​The new MC3 tool-less blade clamp chamber is a new H&B product that greatly reduces downtime by allowing operators to change consumable parts on-press, without tools. The MC3 Chamber uses tool-less release of blades and seals using a levered blade-grip system. Adjustable for a wide range of blade thicknesses, the MC3 is quick to assemble and dis-assemble, and has smooth clamp surfaces for easy cleaning. Available on all new chambers, and as an upgrade to your existing H&B chamber system!

m3 Toolless No Background
Inking Chambers
SwiftClean Logo.png
Fast Trough Cleaning

Most H&B chamber systems utilize a coating trough as part of the fluid circulation process. The new H&B SwiftClean Trough is coated with a nonstick material that allows for reduced downtime and improved throughput versus traditional chamber troughs. Already have a trough? Not a problem; we can add the SwiftClean option to most exciting models out there.

Additional Chamber Options
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