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Lean Manufacturing


Harris & Bruno International takes pride in running an efficient manufacturing company that operates on the principles of lean manufacturing. Our shop floor features a wide range of state-of-the-art automated machinery, which customers tell us is far and above what they see in competitors’ plants. H&B has invested heavily in automated machinery that is specifically geared to its core business of coating machinery.

“I love to show it off,” President Nick Bruno said about the Harris & Bruno facility. “I love to give tours. People always have such positive reactions from what they see. When customers visit us they know they’re going to get a quality product at a fair price because we’re so clean and efficient at what we do.”

Automation is of the highest value at H&B as we standardize our product lines to increase quality and reduce costs. We strongly believe in the vertical integration principle that being able to manufacture finished products from raw materials in-house gives us an advantage in maintaining dependable quality control.


Lean Manufacturing is the foundation for all of our processes and controls on the H&B shop floor. It allows us to stay on top of the competition in regards to cost and quality, and helps employees stay motivated and connected in regard to the objectives and culture at H&B. Through nonstop communication and collaboration between all H&B departments — production, assembly, sales, service, engineering, etc.— resources are available to get through any obstacle in any sector quickly and efficiently through the use of our dailya Gemba Walks.​

“We have implemented more than 90% of our total inventory parts into our effective Kanban Inventory System in less than a year,” Plant Manager Daniel Carr said. Our Kanban system is just one of the many lean process control systems on our shop floor.


“When customers visit our shop, they are often in disbelief as to what they see during our Gemba Walk tours. Many of them have tried to implement lean at their own facilities with very little results, and they are usually amazed that we are doing it with such success.” Our Lean culture is driving our business to new levels of safety, quality, delivery, and cost, which will translate to our customers in the end.

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