Spare Parts & Consumables

Quality parts to keep your press or coater at peak performance

Foam | Felt | Virgin Wool | Silicon


To prevent slinging, leaking, and other application issues, always make sure your chamber end seals are fresh. Our seals are made to order, ensuring that you are getting fresh material every time. Seals that have been cut and stored for long periods can deform, and the material can go bad. Using our precision water jet we ensure that every seal is a perfect fit for your chamber.


We manufacture and supply end seals of various shapes and sizes for not only our own line of ExcelCoat Coaters, but also for many OEMs including Komori, Mitsubishi, Heidelberg, Koenig and Bauer (KBA), RMGT, Ryobi, and more. Have a custom press or chamber and need high quality materials? We have the ability to make a seal that will fit.

Poly| Orange| MicroSteel 

For perfect metering and to prevent leaks, your selection of doctor blade could not be more important.

In order to prevent leaking, trail doctoring or streaking, regularly change the doctor and containment blades on your chambered doctor blade systems.


Not sure what to use? Talk with our Parts Department to find out what will be best for your application!

We offer blades in both rolls and pre-cut formats. For your safety, and convenience, we are happy to cut any roll to a specified length, so that every blade fits your chamber right out of the box.

CleanCell PRO
  • All-in-One Anilox Cleaning Kit

  • Standard Sized Rolls Clean in Under 15 Minutes


  • Biodegradable

  • Includes Microscope to Diagnose Problems


Harris & Bruno International ExcelCoat Uptime Kits are crucial to maintain your necessary throughput and avoid any unnecessary downtime. Avoid the waiting game and the high costs associated with overnight shipping by having parts on-hand when you need them. Our tailored and customizable Uptime Kits will help you increase your run time while decreasing the chances of being stuck in a rut.


• Have parts in-stock when you need them most
• Avoid costly downtime and overnight shipping charges
• Be back up and running quickly

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