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Anilox Rolls & Services

Specifically engraved for Coating and Priming applications.


With over 70 years of industry experience, we are experts at the coating process and associated anilox engravings required. As the preferred anilox roll supplier for many of the worldwide offset press OEMs, H&B is well equipped to manufacture for any press type. Specializing in applications from smooth, glass-like gloss, to specialty coatings that pop off the page, our engravings help minimize orange-peel, foaming, and pin holes. 


Our engraving specialists can help you determine which engraving is best suited for your coating application. From everyday applications to unique specialty-effects, we’ll track down the engraving that will work best for you. Have a unique substrate or coating? Not a problem. We guarantee that our specs will run even the most difficult applications.


Trying out a new application, and not sure how the engraving will perform? Borrow an H&B recommended roll at no cost, and make sure it’s the right fit for you and your customers before making a purchase. Available for several popular offset press types, as well as our ExcelCoat ZR30.

Why Anilox Rolls for Coating...

In coating, an anilox roll is used to provide measured amounts of coating to a coating blanket and can be thought of as a precise metering roll.​

An anilox roll is a hard cylinder, usually constructed of a steel or an aluminum core with steel journals. This core is then plasma coated with a hard ceramic, usually chromium oxide. A high powered laser is then used to vaporize the ceramic and create tiny “cup shaped” cells in the surface of the ceramic. It is these cells that will contain and deliver the proper amount of coating to the coating blanket. A chambered doctor blade system supplies and meters coating to the anilox roll. The excess coating is metered or “doctored” from the surface of the roll leaving coating only in the cells of the anilox roll. The coating in the cells is then deposited onto the surface of the coating blanket.

Anilox rolls allow for your application to be repeated time and time again, with outstanding quality and accuracy.

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Save 15-40% on Coating Consumption
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  • One engraving for UV and AQ

  • Superior Overall Laydown and Finish

  • Better Particulate Release

Protection from Salt Based Primers
Core Barrier Logo.png
  • Prevent Harsh Primers from Compromising the Engraving

Barrier layer under the ceramic protects the core from degrading

  • More Cost-Effective Than a Carbon Fiber Core

Saves when compared to comparable carbon fiber models​

  • Longer Life Span

Years compared to months, when compared to untreated rolls

  • Can Be Re-engraved Multiple Time

Re-engraving saves time and cost,compared to getting a new roll


General AQ & UV

Particulates & Specialty

Saves Coating

H&B Exclusive


General UV

Blister Pac


Thicker AQ

Quick Release

Rectangle Post Engraving.png

Mid to High Volume

Medium Particulates

Viscous Materials


High Volume

Large Particulates


Corrugated Accuracy


Routine cleanings of your anilox roll ensure that your cells stay in good shape by helping to prevent plugging, and by reducing cell degradation.​ For general maintenance on your anilox rolls we recommend cleaning your rolls once at the end of the week when shutting down, when the press will be down for long periods of time, and when switching between UV and AQ coatings and using the same roll.  The best method for keeping your rolls clean is our CleanCell Pro kit, which allows you to clean your rolls on or off press, takes less than fifteen-minutes, and requires no scrubbing. 

  • All-in-One Anilox Cleaning Kit

  • Standard Sized Rolls Clean in Under 15 Minutes

  • No Scrubbing

  • Biodegradable

  • Microscope Camera to Diagnose Problems

  • Clean Rolls On-Press or Off-Press

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CleanCell Pro.png
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