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The Harris & Bruno Coating Circulation System is the preferred chamber/anilox/circulation system for tower coaters throughout the world. We lead the industry in quality, service, and value. Options such as heating, chilling, mixing, PLC control, and anti-foam devices are available to suit any tower coater application. 


We offer complete coating solutions for the leading press manufacturers, including Koenig & Bauer (KBA), Komori, RMGT, and more. As the largest supplier of coating and fluid handling systems in the offset printing industry, we dedicate a large portion of our team to supporting and upgrading these systems all over the globe. From the pumping system to the anilox roll, we can guarantee that an H&B coating system will take your print operation to the next level. 


H&B is constantly looking for ways to advance our coating technology to complement these robust OEM print lines, which has helped cultivate these strong relationships in the offset space. Is your old equipment not cutting it? Let us know what could be better. By upgrading various components of your offset coating system, you can increase efficiency, save money, and reduce unplanned downtime.

Complete Coating and Fluid Delivery

Harris & Bruno is the largest supplier of coating and fluid handling systems in the offset industry. From Chambers, to Circulators, to Anilox Rolls, we have the complete systems that OEMs trust. Our complete delivery system ensures that your coating gets from barrel to substrate with ease. With options to have fully or semi-automated systems, we have complete offset coating solutions for every situation.

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Anilox Roll

Chamber & Coating Trough

AQ or UV Coating Supply

Remote Touch Screen

Optional Inline Temperature

Control Unit



Specialty Circulator

Optional Inline Heating Unit


The H&B LithoCoat Circulation System is the preferred chamber/anilox/circulation system for tower coaters, with over 10,000 installs worldwide. In recent years, we have reinvented LithoCoat technology, allowing for more productivity, easier maintenance, and reduced overall downtime. LithoCoat Circulation Systems are built in an upgradable architecture, allowing for easy additions to your current equipment.

  • LithoCoat Circulators have been upgraded with a focus on high quality components and materials, allowing for better reliability and overall efficiency.

  • Reduce coating waste by more than 50% using Intelligent Viscosity Logic (IVL) technology. IVL is the ideal solution for processes requiring varying viscosities on coatings or inks, allowing automatic timer settings that update as coating viscosity changes. 

  • H&B Smart Pumps last up to 5 times the life of conventional ARO Pumps. With fewer moving parts, and electronically controlled pump action, Smart Pumps feature increased flow rates with less air consumption.

  • PLC controlled Smart Pumps optimize coating needs & usage, resulting in minimal foaming. Ultrasonic sensor alerts system in the event of loss of coating flow.

  • Renewed warranty and support options

Spare Chambers

The leading cause of coater downtime is time spent changing blades and seals, followed by changeover between coating chemistries. By keeping a spare chamber on hand, you can cut that downtime out almost completely.

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Quantum Anilox Engravings

Save at least 15% on coating consumption when using the Quantum Anilox Engraving, our exclusive new anilox engraving. Use less coating vs comparable traditional engravings, while achieving superior overall laydown and better particulate release (ideal for soft touch/matte/specialty coatings).

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Duo Mixer Add-On

This innovative mixing and anti-foaming device requires only air to keep your fluid well mixed and dissipate foam in ink and coating tanks of all sizes.​

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Swift Clean Troughs

The H&B SwiftClean trough is coated with a nonstick material that allows for faster cleanup and reduced downtime versus traditional chamber troughs. Swift and easy clean up means no clogging or hard scrubbing.

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CleanCell PRO

The CleanCell PRO Anilox Cleaning Kit is the first all-in-one preventative maintenance package for anilox roll cleaning. Using nanotechnology, the cleaner gets underneath dried coating and lifts it out of anilox cells— substantially improving the lifetime of the anilox roll, and drastically reducing maintenance costs.

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Orange Doctor Blades

H&B recommends the Orange Doctor Blade for most applications. This blade outperforms traditional steel blades when it comes to blade life, metering precision, anilox wear and scoring, safety, and more!

Anilox Rolls

With over 70 years of industry experience, we are experts at the coating process and associated anilox engravings required. As the preferred anilox roll supplier for many of the worldwide offset press OEMs, H&B is well equipped to manufacture for any press type.

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