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Less Coating, Superior Overall Look and Lay-Down

Quantum Anilox Engravings

Exclusive H&B Engraving

By combining our years of experience in coating applications with the latest fiber laser engraving technology we are able to achieve a thinner and more consistent anilox cell wall. Thinner walls mean a better aperture ratio, as well as a smaller surface area on top of the wall. Because of these advancements, coating is released more easily and efficiently than traditionally engraved rolls.

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Save 15-40% on Coating Usage, With Superior Laydown. Guaranteed.

Our tests have shown an on-average savings of 15-40% coating consumption when switching from traditional engravings to the Quantum Engraving. The Quantum Engraving has better coating release characteristics, allowing you to achieve the same results while using less coating. For some applications, using a lower volume engraving will warrant additional coating savings, while achieving amazing results. In addition to this, a Quantum engraved roll produces a visually smoother coating laydown than it's traditionally engraved counterpart. To advance your coating capabilities, our team will help you transition from traditional engravings to the new Quantum Cell, guaranteeing success every time.

H&B Tested & Validated

The following are results from one of many case studies that Harris & Bruno has conducted on Quantum Anilox Engravings. In this study two similar anilox rolls were used to note the differences of coating laydown between a Hexagonal cell and a Quantum Cell. The end results showed Quantum helped save over 20% on coat weight, while achieving a higher gloss reading.

Anilox Engraving Specs

  • Traditional Anilox Roll: 10 BCM, 220 LPI, Hexagonal 

  • Quantum Anilox Roll: 10 BCM, 220 LPI, Quantum 

Coating Specs

  • Coating Type: UV Gloss

  • Viscosity: 15 Seconds on #3 Zahn

Coat Weight

  • Traditional Coat Weight: .9031 lbs / 4.4092 gsm

  • Quantum Coat Weight: .7181 lbs / 3.5059 gsm

60°  Gloss Reading

  • Traditional Gloss Reading: 89

  • Quantum Gloss Reading: 92

H&B Quantum AniCam (7).JPG
Quantum Logo.png
  • Handle Particulates and Specialty Coatings with Ease

Engraving angle and direction allow for low blade resistance quick release

  • One Roll, Multiple Applications

Use both AQ and UV coatings with the same roll

  • Easier to Clean and Maintain BCM

Open cells and thin walls discourages plugging

  • Use Less Coating, while Achieving Amazing Results

Consumes 15-40% less coating when compared to traditional
hex & trihelical patterns with the same BCM and LPI

We recently tested the new H&B Quantum anilox roll, which is designed to give better particle release and lay down a smoother coating film, specifically for soft touch or matte coatings.The project was a high end Commencement Program for a University, and the background of the cover was a solid black background (double hit with black). We were highly impressed—the Quantum roll laid the soft touch coating down perfectly, giving an incredibly smooth flat appearance.


- Scott Burnett, Production Manager, Cedar Graphics

Physical Samples

Compare the results for yourself, and see the difference the Quantum can make. We have physical samples of prints coated with both the Quantum engraving and the Traditional engraving, so that you can view them side-by-side. Let us know what application you're looking for and we'll send some samples your way.

Coated Samples
Loaner Rolls

Want to run a test for yourself? Borrow a Quantum Loaner Roll, and see how Quantum compares to your current engraving. We have various engravings available for most popular press models, as well as our own ZR30.

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