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Heaters & Agitators

ExcelCoat Add-On


The seamlessly integratable H&B Inline Heating Unit accurately and consistently provides the highest level of process control necessary for optimal UV coating performance. This product allows press operators to easily control UV coating temperature, resulting in better coating release, enhanced leveling characteristics and increased gloss levels.

No longer is ambient air temperature an influential factor in UV coating performance; this unique design provides continuous closed loop temp. monitoring at the anilox roll surface. In addition, the inline design is seamlessly integrated into your existing H&B Circulator, offering the added benefit of wash-up to the list.


H&B offers a coating bucket agitator lid that keep particulates in coating suspended and well mixed to allow for consistent, even lay down. Save yourself the time and sweat involved with hand mixing— this agitator lid is fully automated! The agitator lid pops right on to your 5 gallon coating pail, and fully integrates into the machine's pumping system. Coating agitation is essential for high particulate coatings like matte, soft touch, and specialty coatings.


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