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ExcelCoat ZRB

Semi Automated Offline/Inline Coating System

“Our 4 ExcelCoats are well built machines that require less worry and less maintenance. They have taken a lot of problems out of our system. UV coaters used to be one of the things we least liked to deal with, but Harris & Bruno has a product that we really like.”


John Martin, Lab Manager

Miller’s Professional Imaging, Columbia, Missouri


The ZRB offers excellent reliability at a modest price. Compared to other like-models, the ZRB's quality is unmatched, without breaking the bank. With an upgrade-able platform you can add components as you need them, such as a chamber/anilox system, IR lamps, and other features for tailored applications.

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ExcelCoat ZRB Features


  • Excellent Value to Feature Ratio

  • Chamber/Anilox Metering System

  • Quick Change Anilox and Applicator Rolls

  • Centralized PLC Controls all Logic and Speed Settings

  • 1-Pump Coating System

  • Manual Wash-up System

  • Manual Controls with Reference Numbers

  • Highly Polished Rolls with Thick Hard Chrome Plating

  • Metering Roll Delivers Flat & Uniform UV Gloss

  • UV System and Conveyor Features:

  • Full-Length Vacuum System Prevents Fires

  • Easy Access UV Lamp Chamber

  • IR Dryer


Inline or Offline, the ZRB easily pairs with a wide variety of digital presses. Built around the theory of using high-quality components in a heavy-duty modular architecture, H&B ExcelCoat machines provide many years of service in a demanding production environment. Faster make-ready sequences including expedited wash up, PLC control create a high-throughput environment.


Sometimes you just don't need all the bells and whistles. The ZRB fits where and when you need it. Available with roller coater or chamber/anilox metering options, this system can coat High Gloss, Matte, and Specialty coatings. With the optional IR Dryer, UV coatings are just a component away. 


When you don't need to constantly change up your applications, the ZRB will get it done quickly and efficiently, all while maintaining a high standard of quality. Keeping the solution simple reduces the chance of error and keeps every sheet on target.


Our ExcelCoat line not only ensures that you get pristine applications, but that you get repeatable results every time, especially when paired with our Synergy Coating. Just a few of our applications include:

  • AQ

  • UV

  • Primer

  • Soft Touch

  • Matte

  • Anti-microbial

  • Photo Finish

  • Food Barrier

  • Book Covers

  • Playing Cards

  • Writeable (Pen/Pencil Receptive)

  • Glue-able

  • Foil Stamp-able

  • Lamination Alternatives


ExcelCoat Add-on

Plastics, Metals, Low Dyne

Corona Treatment

ExcelCoat Add-on

Hard-to-Run & Specialty Coatings

Heaters & Agitators

ExcelCoat Add-on

Convert Plastics & Synthetics

Ionized Air Bars

ExcelCoat Add-on

Thin Substrates

TS 2.0

Harris & Bruno International service staff is stationed across the USA and throughout the world. They are supported by a global team of  engineers and a vast parts stocking network. Service personnel are available to answer questions, as well as provide installation training on new or used H&B equipment.


Sometimes remote support just isn't enough, and you need someone on-site to dig in deep. We have you covered. Harris & Bruno has a team of technicians that know your coater, inside and out. Our service team is always ready to lend a hand, and get you up and running.


Not only will we help get your press installed, but we can train your team to get the most out of your equipment. For additional personal training, see our Productivity Enhancement Package.

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