Excelcoat ZRW

Automated Offline/Inline

Web Coating System

“Coatings applied by our H&B ZRW Web Coater show even better resistance to scuffing or rubbing. This matters a lot for catalogs and pieces that move through the mail. You want the piece to look amazing when it reaches the customer’s hands – so durability matters.”


Tony Ferruzza, Head of Digital Print Operations

American Litho, Carol Stream, IL


The Harris & Bruno ExcelCoat ZRW is a robust fully automated inline/offline coater with several configuration options, including 22” and 42” sizes, AQ and UV chemistries, and simplex or duplex setups. Full automation means faster changeovers, lower labor costs, higher throughput, and consistent job-to-job quality. Storing and recalling recipes for specific applications is as easy as pushing a button; you can be running a high gloss one minute, and switch to a soft touch, or other specialty application, without having to manually adjust anything.


The fully automated ExcelCoat ZRW features a quick change sleeve system for both anilox and applicator rolls, which allows for job changes in minutes. Full automation means machine settings are set at the touch of a button, including wash up between coating chemistries. Equipped with the renowned H&B chamber/anilox system, the ZRW is perfect for flawless application of AQ coatings, UV coatings, and primers to fit every printers’ needs.

ZRW Cream Web Coater.png

Reducing setup and increasing throughput is where the ZRW excels. The Quick-Change Sleeve System allows for fast changes of anilox and applicators, while our coating circulatror's automated wash cycle makes cleanup a breeze.


Recessed drying lamps not only cure effectively, but create an environment to help prevent fires. The entry and exit of the dryer is fitted with web break detectors. Should a break in the web occur the lamps switch off, the drier shuts down immediately, the fans turn up to high speed, and the UV cassette shuttles close.

ExcelCoat ZRW Features

  • AQ, UV, Primers

  • Simplex or duplex

  • Available in 22.5” and 42" web widths

  • Flood Coating (Spot Coating optional)

  • Chamber/Anilox System

  • Fully Automated Circulation System for Coating and Wash-Up

  • Dedicated Pumping Systems for AQ & UV

  • Servo Driven Web Guide

  • UV and/or IR Curing Section

  • Quick Change Applicator and Anilox Sleeve System


Our ExcelCoat line not only ensures that you get pristine applications, but that you get repeatable results every time, especially when paired with our Synergy Coating. Just a few of our applications include:

  • AQ

  • UV

  • Primer

  • Soft Touch

  • Matte

  • Anti-microbial

  • Photo Finish

  • Food Barrier

  • Book Covers

  • Playing Cards

  • Writeable (Pen/Pencil Receptive)

  • Glue-able

  • Foil Stamp-able

  • Lamination Alternatives



Smooth-as-glass high gloss coating gives an extra pop to your printed pieces. With peak protection characteristics, as well as the ability to brighten any image, gloss coating is the most popular coating for every application!



Reticulated coatings add a tactile experience to print. These durable coatings can be laid on thick, and work great as book covers and textured spot coatings.



Glitter coating is available in every particle size and color imaginable. H&B offers specialty coating circulators and various anilox roll options to ensure our customers can run glitter with ease, whether it be a full coverage flood coating, or a selective sparkly spot coat.



Add depth to your print with rough visual and tactile enhancements. Grit coatings come in various degrees of roughness, and are great for marketers looking to engage end user's senses. From magazine covers to direct mail to packaging— grit coatings will bring the WOW factor!



A silky smooth satin finish is the perfect 'barely-there' coating for almost any application.

Soft Touch

Soft Touch

Nothing says "high quality" quite like a velvety smooth coated print. Soft touch coating entices your audience's sense of touch and brings immediate value to print. H&B's renowned chamber/anilox system excels at quickly and consistently laying down flawless soft touch coating.

Scented Coating

Scented Coating

Imagine receiving an advertisement in the mail for a landscaping business. You can almost smell the fresh cut grass.... No, you definitely can—it's a scented coating! Immediately make a lasting impression on end users with scented coatings. The scent possibilities are endless, and guaranteed to bring your print marketing to the next level.



Similar to glitter, pearlescent coatings add a fine sparkle to your prints. Available in everything from gold, to silver, to iridescent, pearlescent coatings are great for embellishing your prints.


Minimum Media Width

 8 in.  (200mm)

Maximum Media Width

22.5 in.  (572 mm)

Minimum Media Weight

40 gsm 

Maximum Media Weight

350 gsm

Minimum Floor Space Required

6 x 10 x 9 ft. (1.8 x 3 x 2.7 m)


The Harris & Bruno International Remote Support System allows an H&B technician direct access to your ExcelCoat to remotely diagnose issues, as if the technician were onsite. Utilizing advanced technology, H&B is able to have you back up and running without the time and costs associated with a service visit. Stay ahead of potential problem and avoid unnecessary downtime with the H&B Remote Support System.


Sometimes remote support just isn't enough, and you need someone on-site to dig in deep. We have you covered. Harris & Bruno has a team of technicians that know your coater, inside and out. Our service team is always ready to lend a hand, and get you up and running.


Not only will we help get your press installed, but we can train your team to get the most out of your equipment. For additional personal training, see our Productivity Enhancement Package.