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Excelcoat ZRW

Automated Offline/Inline Web Coating System

“Coatings applied by our H&B ZRW Web Coater show even better resistance to scuffing or rubbing. This matters a lot for catalogs and pieces that move through the mail. You want the piece to look amazing when it reaches the customer’s hands – so durability matters.”


Tony Ferruzza, Head of Digital Print Operations

American Litho, Carol Stream, IL

  • AQ, UV, Primers

  • Up to 500 FPM

  • Simplex or Duplex

  • Available for 22” and 42"

  • Flood Coating (Spot Coating optional)

  • Chamber/Anilox System

  • Fully Automated Coating Circulation System

  • Fully Automated Wash UpWash-Up

  • Dedicated Pumping Systems for AQ & UV

  • Servo Driven Web Guide

  • UV and/or IR Curing Section

  • Quick Change Applicator and Anilox Sleeve System


Full automation means machine settings are set at the touch of a button, including wash up between coating chemistries. Recall previous jobs and settings with ease. No turning knobs or fine tuning every time. The fully automated ExcelCoat ZRW features a quick change sleeve system for both anilox and applicator rolls, which allows for job changes in minutes. Equipped with the renowned H&B chamber/anilox system, the ZRW is perfect for flawless application of AQ coatings, UV coatings, and primers to fit every printers’ needs.

ZRW Cream Web Coater.png

Inline or Offline, the ZRW easily pairs with a wide variety of digital presses. Built around the theory of using high-quality components in a heavy-duty modular architecture, H&B ExcelCoat machines provide many years of service in a demanding production environment. Faster make-ready sequences including expedited wash up, PLC control create a high-throughput environment.


Reducing setup and increasing throughput is where the ZRW excels. The Quick-Change Sleeve System allows for fast changes of anilox and applicators, while our coating circulatror's automated wash cycle makes cleanup a breeze.


Recessed drying lamps not only cure effectively, but create an environment to help prevent fires. The entry and exit of the dryer is fitted with web break detectors. Should a break in the web occur the lamps switch off, the drier shuts down immediately, the fans turn up to high speed, and the UV cassette shuttles close.


for use inline with select presses

Increased tuning for finer tension tolerance

Wider print/coating applicator for face-lengths

Additional Dryer Capacity

Run larger particulate coatings at higher speeds

Direct handshaking with the press for many status and signals

More I/O’s for control and data collection


Our ExcelCoat line not only ensures that you get pristine applications, but that you get repeatable results every time, especially when paired with our Synergy Coating. Just a few of our applications include:

  • AQ

  • UV

  • Primer

  • Soft Touch

  • Matte

  • Anti-microbial

  • Photo Finish

  • Food Barrier

  • Book Covers

  • Playing Cards

  • Writeable (Pen/Pencil Receptive)

  • Glue-able

  • Foil Stamp-able

  • Lamination Alternatives


The Harris & Bruno International Remote Support System allows an H&B technician direct access to your ExcelCoat to remotely diagnose issues, as if the technician were onsite. Utilizing advanced technology, H&B is able to have you back up and running without the time and costs associated with a service visit. Stay ahead of potential problem and avoid unnecessary downtime with the H&B Remote Support System.


Sometimes remote support just isn't enough, and you need someone on-site to dig in deep. We have you covered. Harris & Bruno has a team of technicians that know your coater, inside and out. Our service team is always ready to lend a hand, and get you up and running.


Not only will we help get your press installed, but we can train your team to get the most out of your equipment. For additional personal training, see our Productivity Enhancement Package.

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