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Harris & Bruno Expands Thin Substrate Handling Capabilities

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Harris & Bruno International announces enhanced thin substrate capabilities available on the ExcelCoat series of offline/inline sheet coaters. The innovative ExcelCoat Thin Substrate Kit allows AQ and UV coating of substrates as thin as 0.0035”. 

By utilizing specially designed air blast nozzles and air knives, this feature allows thin substrates to efficiently and reliably move through the coating head without wrapping. The ExcelCoat Thin Substrate Kit allows for consistent run speed for thin substrates and is incorporated on all new machines and as an upgrade to existing machines. 

To learn more about thin substrate capabilities on ExcelCoat, contact your regional sales representative.

Harris & Bruno manufactures the highest quality machines built to excel in the most demanding production environments. Current products focus on offline/inline coating systems, chamber/anilox, and related fluid pumping systems. With customers spanning the globe, H&B is proud to have a worldwide network of service and support teams. Contact us today for more information.


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