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H&B at HP GEC in Barcelona!

The bustling city of Barcelona, Spain, has recently become the home to a fantastic addition in the world of coating technology - the Harris & Bruno ZRW! Installed at the HP Graphics Experience Center (GEC) in Barcelona, inline with the HP Advantage, this cutting-edge web coating system is geared up and ready to check out!

New to coating and the ZRW? No problem. Here's a quick overview:

  • Up to 500 feet per minute

  • Various coating finishes including Gloss, Matte, and Soft Touch

  • Fully automated

  • Press integration

  • The amazing H&B Chamber-Anilox system for perfect metering

  • Coating is Eco Friendly vs Lamination

  • Advanced safety features

The HP GEC in Barcelona will is a hub for innovation and exploration; installing the ZRW with the HP Advantage is a further testament to this as professionals and customers can witness firsthand the incredible capabilities of the ZRW. This collaboration between Harris & Bruno and HP shows how print and coating can come together to seamlessly speed up productivity, and versatility, inspiring printers to push their boundaries and throughput.

Ready to schedule your visit? Send an email to and we'll get it on the books!


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