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H&B delivers game-changing offline coater that provides quality, automation, dependability

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

ROSEVILLE, CA – Harris & Bruno International has brought to market what many printers have been dreaming of – a high-quality automated offline coater that’s fast and dependable.

The ExcelCoat delivers a quality of offline coating not seen at this price level. Its myriad of automated adjustments gives you an unparalleled ability to coat a wide assortment of print variables. Moreover, each coater is backed by H&B’s renowned service, support and dependability.

This workhorse of a machine can replace multiple UV coaters and meet modern production speeds. For printers already UV coating, the ExcelCoat will elevate your capabilities. For printers who don’t have UV, this will give you the option.

Coater features include eccentric bearings for roller positioning, state-of-the-art stepper motor adjustment on all rolls, a forward nip and reverse nip metering roll, a two-reservoir pumping system with auto valve switching, and a linked PLC control system throughout all the components.

UV System and Conveyor features include a full-length vacuum system with “Even Flow Technology,” winter/summer mode, pneumatically controlled access to the UV chamber, sealed lamp cooling with adjustable air flow, and UV reflector angles designed to direct light and improve curing.


Harris & Bruno manufactures the highest-quality machines built to excel in the most demanding production environments. Current products focus on offline/inline coating systems, chamber/anilox, and related fluid pumping systems. With customers spanning the globe, H&B is proud to have a worldwide network of service and support teams. Visit our website or contact us today for more information:


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