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HP garners 2020 InterTech™ Technology Award for combined inline solution with H&B

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

HP Inc, in collaboration with Harris & Bruno International, has received the highly regarded 2020 InterTech™ Technology Award for the HP PageWide Web Press T240 HD and inline H&B ExcelCoat ZRW Web Coater solution. The reward was earned as a result of “delivering extraordinary productivity with a touch of luxury.”

“To receive an award a technology must be innovative enough to excite the

independent panel of judges. That was certainly true of the tight integration between HP PageWide T240 HD and H&B ExcelCoat Web Coater. The ability to apply coatings inline at top speed and quickly switch between coatings will make inkjet even more attractive for direct mail applications,” said Workman.

The ExcelCoat ZRW, created in partnership with HP,  is a fully automated, simplex/duplex 22” wide post coater that runs inline with the PageWide T240HD. The coater is capable of running aqueous (AQ) and/or UV coatings, allowing print service providers to meet customer demands in conjunction with the increasing need for post coated media.

“Our team at Harris & Bruno is ecstatic with the results of this print & coat combination. The technical teams at HP and H&B collaborated efficiently to bring this dream to reality. The ability to seamlessly add scuff resistance and a host of coating enhancements to print will enable HP to dominate the direct mail and higher end inkjet web markets,” said Nick Bruno, President of Harris & Bruno.

“With this innovation, we elevate beauty and profitability for our print service providers who are constantly in search of creative, new ways to captivate consumers and ensure brands stand out from their competition,” said Carles Farre, Vice President and General Manager PageWide Press. “The ExcelCoat ZRW web coater combined with an HP PageWide Web Press is that mighty differentiator and having it in your fleet enables you to capture new opportunities.”


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