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Multiple Effects Made Easy

Think About This: How often does an amazing piece of print get discarded because the finishing isn't just right? How many times does a customer see their finished proof and it just doesn't POP like they thought it would? How long does it take you to switch applications?

Now Imagine This: What if you could easily switch your application to give the piece more of the pop that it deserves, both visually and tactically? What if it costed just PENNIES more to achieve?

H&B's ExcelCoat series make running multiple effects a breeze. From the chunkiest glitter to the most velvety of soft touches, the ExcelCoat can do it all. The best part is that our automated Chamber-Anilox system creates consistent results every time, so your 1000th sheet looks just like your first.

  • Multiple Effects for Customers

  • Automated Washup

  • Seamless Changeover

  • Added Value for Virtually No Additional cost

It's that simple.

Ready to make the change? Let us know how we can help:


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