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Orange is the New Steel!

Did you know that most companies save huge on both costly injuries, and unneeded anilox repairs, by switching from Steel blades to Orange blades?

Anilox rolls alone can cost thousands to re-engrave, in both repair costs and downtime. One small chip on a steel blade can cause your anilox to score, rendering it unusable until you send it out to get re-engraved. Additionally, the harsh steel-on-ceramic causes the anilox surface to wear much faster, reducing your cell volume and accuracy over time. With an Orange blade, these worries are negated, as the surface of the Orange bade is not harder than the ceramic on your anilox roll.

Not only do Orange blades help keep your equipment in outstanding order, but also your team. A common injury in the press-room is lacerations to the hands, due to extremely sharp steel blades. Although Orange blades are sharp enough to meter jobs to perfection, their material is much more forgiving when it comes to handling.

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