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Param Singh Completes Internship!

Another FANTASTIC internship is in the books! On 3/2/23 Param Singh completed his welding internship with Harris & Bruno. This excellent program is run through the Roseville Joint Union High School District, in conjunction with the Harbor Freight Fellows program.

Singh expressed that the internship helped him in multiple ways, and gave him real-world experience in a machine shop. Some of the skills that Singh was able to polish and learn were welding (MIG, TIG, STICK), CNC machining, and water jet workings. Additionally he was able to go through the cleaning processes and maintenance needs of the machines used. This lead to him being seeing as the go-to guy amongst his peers, if something needed to be welded or cut.

We are happy to have been part of Param's journey, and wish him the best as it continues!

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