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Quantum Anilox Engravings

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Quantum is the exclusive new anilox engraving from H&B that allows for less coating consumption with better overall coating lay-down and particulate release.

How is Quantum different?

When it comes to anilox technology, most pressroom professionals are familiar with the traditional hexagonal and trihelical engravings known as closed and open cells. As the field has demanded innovation, anilox providers like H&B have been challenged to push the envelope on new anilox technology. This is how our new Quantum anilox engraving was born. This hybrid anilox cell has the open valleys that exist in a trihelical cell (great for UV coatings), as well as the structure that is needed for less viscous, water based coatings.

Why use Quantum?

With the new Quantum cell comes a couple of huge benefits. Most importantly is the homogenous film weight. With less cell structure and a more open cell aperture, Quantum is able to lay down a  more homogenous film weight, at the same or lower volumes. This means less coating used, less issues downstream, and more overall cost savings! Another massive benefit on top of coating consumption savings is that the changes to the cell structure means that solids can exit and enter the cell more easily. Soft touch, matte, glitter, and other coatings that are traditionally difficult to run in the past can easily come and go from the cells, leading to a grittier matte, or a more pronounced glitter effect.

Benefits of Quantum: Less coating consumption and lower volumes means costing savings, while cell aperture changes lead to smoother and more pronounced coating effects.

How to try Quantum: To request a quote or learn about our Loaner Anilox Roll Program, please contact H&B Sales at +1.916.781.7676 or email


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