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Quantum Anilox Rolls with Koenig & Bauer

Pictured: Sean Tobler and Chris Travis review Quantum Engraving

"It's always great to work with Harris & Bruno,” says Chris Travis, director of technology at Koenig & Bauer. “They have a great team. In particular it’s been very rewarding working with them on the Quantum engraving. When initially discussing with Harris & Bruno the need for such an engraving they took onboard the requests and came back with the Quantum open cell technology. This takes it to new levels and can benefit all printers with the majority of coatings out there today. This is a low-cost method to add bite to current coating effects when using Soft Touch and matte. We have seen benefits just by changing the roller. Customers using UV gloss coatings will see a smoother laydown. It will be especially appealing to our high-volume packaging customers for pure consumption savings. Specialized folding carton converters will also see a more pronounced effect with their current coatings. Plus, it has been designed with an engraving angle and direction that allow for more coating release in relation to the chamber and from the anilox to the coating plate."

Save 15-40% on Coating Consumption with Quantum!

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