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Miller's shares thoughts after installing their 6th H&B ExcelCoat

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Interviewed: John Martin, Lab Manager at Miller's Professional Imaging in Columbia, Missouri Interview Excerpts: Q: How's your overall ExcelCoat experience?

A: "ExcelCoat performs very well. It has a lot better consistency than what we were used to in the past. There's not a lot of maintenance that we have to worry about doing. Cleanup is very simple and quick. It performs very well." Q: Why did you purchase an ExcelCoat? A: "We had come to end of life on a number of our UV machines that we were using both for photo and press. And we were looking for a machine that would last longer than two years." Q: Anything else you'd like to say? A: "In all of our experience, UV coaters were one of the things we liked the least to deal with. But Harris & Bruno has a product that we like. Our ExcelCoats are well built machines with less worry and less maintenance. They have taken a lot of problems out of our system. So we're happy with them." Number of ExcelCoats owned by Miller's Professional Imaging: 5 semi-automated ExcelCoat ZRB30s and 1 fully-automated ExcelCoat ZR30 Number of HP Indigo Digital Presses utilized by Miller's: 5 HP Indigo 7500s and 5 HP Indigo 7600s; 6 are in the process of being upgraded to the 7800 platform


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