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Quick-Change Anilox & Applicators now on the ExcelCoat ZRB

Downtime. That dreaded word. That time between jobs while switching applications is costly. Here at Harris & Bruno we are always looking for ways to keep this downtime to a minimum, so that we can help keep your throughput high.

For the first time on the ExcelCoat ZRB we are proud to announce the option for Quick-Change Anilox and Applicator rolls. This system is similar to the tried and true Quick-Change that we have used for years on the ExcelCoat ZR30. By switching to this system, we have effectively cut the time that it takes to change your rolls from 45 minutes down to 5 minutes. Imagine what jobs can run with an extra 40 minutes of time.

Already have a ZRB? Not a problem. We've designed the Quick-Change unit to replace your standard system. We'll have a technician come out and make the necessary upgrades, and you'll be swapping rolls in no time.

Have questions, or need some more information? We've got you covered. Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we'll get you going. 916-871-7676, or at


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