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Save 3x on Labor With ExcelCoat

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Think About This: How amazing is your staff? How much can they accomplish in a single day? How much does it bog you down when you need to assign multiple members to a single task?

Now Imagine This: What if you could reduce your labor needs on a machine? What if your valuable staff could be spread out to attended to other tasks, to increase your throughput?

Unlike non-automated coating units, H&B's ExcelCoat series that are equipped with a feeder and stacker only need a single fact, a single operator can easily run two ExcelCoat machines with little to no intervention. Additionally, because your sheets are being automatically fed and stacked, they'll be going in and out of the unit the same way every time, without any fumbling, skewing, or accidental human-errors. This creates perfectly coated sheets every time, that get stacked to perfection.

  • Save 3x on Labor

  • Spread Out Valuable Staff

  • Increase Throughput

  • Single-Operator Machine

  • Easy to Load and Unload

It's that simple.

Ready to make the change? Let us know how we can help:


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