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Save Huge on Labor and Coating

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Full automation means huge savings. One major cause of down-time is changeovers / make-ready. When ending one job and starting another there are often several things that need to be done; washing up, changing coatings, putting in fresh consumables, and making sure that you have the right anilox roll...not to mention getting everything dialed in for that perfect finished product. This last part alone can burn through several sheets, as well as coating.

Our ExcelCoat line of offline/inline coaters has taken a lot of this lengthy (and tedious) process, and significantly reduces it. Some major factors include:

  • Quick-Change Applicator and Anilox Rolls

  • Saved settings to quickly recall previous jobs

  • Automated Washup Cycles to remove the guess-work

  • Easy-access and easy-to-change Blades and Seals

  • Feeders and Stackers that remove the need to hand-feed or collect

  • Centralized PLC

On average, customers that switch to ExcelCoat tend to save 25% on coating, AND are 3x faster on their make-ready times. Overall, these major benefits improve your throughput and bottom line.

Ready to make the change? Let us know how we can help:


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