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At Harris & Bruno International, we make certain to meet our customers’ expectations by showing them that something is possible, not just telling them. The H&B ExcelCoat Innovation Center gives customers the opportunity to see our machines live and in action, while running their own production print jobs. Backed by H&B’s 70 years of experience, our dedicated team is equipped to find solutions for our customers through testing, research, and coater optimization. 


At the H&B Innovation Center, we have the ability to show our customers first-hand the speed, automation, and benefits of H&B equipment. Whether our customers are in-house for a live demo, or viewing a live production run via webcam, we are fully equipped to prove out every promise we make. 

In Person and Online Web-Demos

Want to get up close and personal with our equipment? Not a problem. We'll schedule a time that is convenient for you and your team to tour our facilities, and give you a walk through of the machine and its functionality. To ensure that all your questions are answered our team of experts will be on-site and ready to jump in. If you're not local to our facilities we are happy to do a live online web-demo and breakdown the equipment, just as if you were here in person. 

ExcelCoat Web Series

Customers are encouraged to send in a roll of their own prints for a live production run, using coatings of their choice. Our line includes the ExcelCoat ZRW with AQ and UV coating capabilities, as well as unwind and rewind. We will demonstrate all components of the machine and show the value points that will help take your production to the next level of automation, ease, and high quality output.

ExcelCoat Sheetfed Series

Featuring the fully automated ZR Flood Coater, and the semi-automated ZRB Flood Coater, our ExcelCoat series contains a machine for every digital sheetfed printer’s coating needs. Customers may send in sheets, request a webcam demo, or visit our Innovation Center themselves to see their application run. From priming, to specialty tactile coatings, to high end spot coatings— our team of coating experts are ready to demonstrate the advantages of H&B ExcelCoat.

See Your Actual Job in Action

Reticulated coatings add a tactile experience to print. These durable coatings can be laid on thick, and work great as book covers and textured spot coatings.
Glitter coating is available in every particle size and color imaginable. H&B offers specialty coating circulators and various anilox roll options to ensure our customers can run glitter with ease, whether it be a full coverage flood coating, or a selective sparkly spot coat.
Add depth to your print with rough visual and tactile enhancements. Grit coatings come in various degrees of roughness, and are great for marketers looking to engage end user's senses. From magazine covers to direct mail to packaging— grit coatings will bring the WOW factor!
Smooth-as-glass high gloss coating gives an extra pop to your printed pieces. With peak protection characteristics, as well as the ability to brighten any image, gloss coating is the most popular coating for every application!
Soft Touch
Nothing says "high quality" quite like a velvety smooth coated print. Soft touch coating entices your audience's sense of touch and brings immediate value to print. H&B's renowned chamber/anilox system excels at quickly and consistently laying down flawless soft touch coating.
Scented Coating
Imagine receiving an advertisement in the mail for a landscaping business. You can almost smell the fresh cut grass.... No, you definitely can—it's a scented coating! Immediately make a lasting impression on end users with scented coatings. The scent possibilities are endless, and guaranteed to bring your print marketing to the next level.
A silky smooth satin finish is the perfect 'barely-there' coating for almost any application.
Similar to glitter, pearlescent coatings add a fine sparkle to your prints. Available in everything from gold, to silver, to iridescent, pearlescent coatings are great for embellishing your prints.
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Similar to glitter, pearlescent coatings add a fine sparkle to your prints. Available in everything from gold, to silver, to iridescent, pearlescent coatings are great for embellishing your prints.