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Consistent Results, Every Time

Think About This: How long do you spend sorting and rejecting sheets? How often do you have to constantly have to adjust for imperfections, or try to recreate a job that you previously ran?

Now Imagine This: What if your 1000th sheet came out looking like the first sheet, and the next time you ran the job, those sheets came out looking just like the previous job you were trying to match? What if you didn't have to have someone checking every sheet?

H&B's ExcelCoat series has Consistent Lay-Down from the start of the run, to the end, meaning that every sheet will come out looking like perfection. Pair this with our Automated systems, and now you can pull those settings for future jobs with a push of a button; no fiddling with knobs and manual adjustments. Not only are you getting consistent effects sheet to sheet, but you're also saving a ton of labor.

  • Less Wasted Sheets

  • Less Labor

  • Perfect Coating Every Time

  • Higher-Throughput

It's that simple.

Ready to make the change? Let us know how we can help:


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