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Reliability at a Modest Price: ExcelCoat ZRB Coater for AQ & UV

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Harris & Bruno International announces the release of the ExcelCoat ZRB Offline/Inline Coater. This “Base” machine of the ExcelCoat ZR series offers excellent reliability at a modest price.

The ZRB is an offline/inline machine that coats various substrates up to 30 inches wide in sheet form. It’s a roller coater with a reverse-direction metering roll that delivers flat and uniform UV Gloss. It’s upgradeable to a chamber/anilox metering system that can coat High Gloss UV, Matte UV, Specialty UV, as well as Aqueous coatings if the optional IR Dryer is added. Various machine sizes are available.

Built around the theory of using high-quality components in a heavy-duty modular architecture, ExcelCoat provides many years of service in a demanding production environment. Couple that with an organization that uses our in-house team to design, build and service everything we sell – and the ExcelCoat ZRB is a winning solution.

We at Harris & Bruno are so confident that the ExcelCoat ZRB outperforms competitive roller coaters that we’re offering a 3-Year Warranty on each machine.

Additional Features include:

· Full-Length Vacuum ConveyorPrevents Fires

· One Centralized PLCcontrols all logic and speed settings

· Highly Polished Rolls with Thick Hard Chrome Plating

· Manual Controlswith Reference Numbers for repeatability & fine-tuning

· Coating System’s Rising Bucket Lidallows easy changing out of Coating & Wash-up Pails

Contact Harris & Bruno at (916) 781-7676 or sales@harris-bruno.comto learn more about how ExcelCoat ZRB answers your coating needs! Please visit more information.


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