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ZRX Sneak Peek

Flood Coat | Spot Coat | Foil Stamp

analog meets digital all in one pass

The Harris & Bruno
Embellish With Excellence
The Harris & Bruno ZRX- Flood Coat, Spot Coat, Foil Stamp
Digital Embellishment
on Uncoated Media

The ZRX is the first of its kind, pairing the world renowned H&B Chamber-Anilox System with industry leading inkjet technology. The combination of analog and digital has lead to new embellishment applications the industry has never seen before

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Embellish Without Lamination

The ZRX has a chamber/anilox flood coater before the embellishment section of the machine. This allows the printer to add a barrier coating to allow a smooth and impervious layer on to which the ink jet polymer and/or foil is applied. As the world starts pushing back on single-use-plastics, consumers and brands have been pushing back on the use of lamination. The ZRX allows for amazing embellishments, without the need for the lengthy, costly, and less-eco friendly lamination process.

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Flood Coat, Spot Coat, Foil Stamp. One Pass.

The sheet is first flooded with AQ or UV coating on H&B's proven chamber-anilox system. Next a flat or tactile layer of Digital UV spot coating is applied. Finally, a layer of hot foil is added to give your print the sparkle it deserves.

Innovative Safety

Sheet monitoring by various sensors help reduce accidents, and work to keep your plant safe. With features such as sheet tracking and automatic lifting of the dryer, your coater can help prevent accidents before they happen.

Fast Embellishment

Create and edit digital embellishment files in minutes. Traditional embellishment takes hours or even days to make a single plate, using non-eco friendly methods. The ZRX saves time, money, and creates more embellishment  options for customers.

Unlock the Power of Touch
  • 62%  increase of potential purchase of products that are touched

  • 50% Increase of Total Fixation Duration when embellished

  • 46% perceive embellished packages as a higher quality

  • 77% prefer embellished packages

The Impact of High-Visibility Enhancements on Shelf Presence, FSEA 2013

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The H&B Advantage
  • Flood Coat, Spot Coat, Foil Stamp. One Pass.

  • Industry Leading Digital Inkjet Spot Coating

  • Flat and Tactile Coating and Foil Effects

  • Quickly Edit and Modify Embellishment Files

  • VisionMatrix Scanning System Aligns Every Sheet

  • AQ and UV Flood Coating Applications

  • Chamber / Anilox Metering System  

  • Automatic Wash-Up Systems

  • Save Job Settings for Repeatable Results

  • High-Pile Feeder and Stacker

  • 24/7 Global Phone and Online Support

ZRX Sneak Peek

ZRX Specs


Maximum Coating Sheet Width

Flood: 29.5” | Spot: 28.74” (730mm)

Substrate Format

Max: 29.5 x 29.5" (750 x 750 mm) | Min: 16.5 x 11.5" (420 x297 mm)

Substrate Thickness

Max: 0.024" (.60mm) | Min: 0.006" (.15mm)


Maximum Line Speed

220 feet per minute (67 meters per minute)
Note: Specialized coatings/substrates and embellishment may require reduced speeds

B2 Landscape Flood Coat Only

Up to 6,300 sheets per hour

B2 Landscape Spot Coat

Up to 4,200 sheets per hour

B2 Landscape Foil

Up to 2,300 sheets per hour

B2 Portrait

Up to 3,123 sheets per hour

B1 Portrait

Up to 2,291 sheets per hour

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