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Flood Coat | Spot Coat | Foil Stamp

ZRX Flood Coat
ZRX Spot Coat
ZRX Foil Stamp

Analog meets digital all in one pass

The Harris & Bruno
Embellish With Excellence
The Harris & Bruno ZRX- Flood Coat, Spot Coat, Foil Stamp

coming 2024

Digital Embellishment | Uncoated Media

The ZRX is the first of it's kind, pairing the renowned H&B Chamber-Anilox System with industry leading inkjet technology, ushering in a new wave of digital embellishment that can be done in a single pass on uncoated media.

ZRX - Embellish With Excellence T extures.png
Icon- Flood Coat.png
Icon- Flood Coat.png

Step 1:
Flood Coat

The sheet is first flooded with AQ or UV coating to create a smooth flat surface. Choosing from various effects such as matte, soft touch, and color shift help enhance the following top-layer embellishments. This step removes the need for lamination, a less eco-friendly and expensive barrier.

Icon- Spot Coat.png
Icon- Spot Coat.png

Step 2:
Spot Coat

Using industry leading digital inkjet technology, lay down digital spot coating to create both Flat and Tactile effects. Bring your prints to life, and draw in target audiences by standing out. Variable data? No problem. Embellish your variable data to further enhance your customer experience.

Icon- Foil.png
Icon- Foil.png

Step 3:
Foil Stamp

Hot foil stamping sticks to the digital varnish, and adds a final layer of pop. elegance, or excitement to the print. Choose from nearly infinite colors, from golds, to reds, to holographic,  compliment your print for the perfect sheen. The final product is sure to jump off the page and draw attention.

H&B Eco Logo.png
More Eco-Friendly: No Lamination

Lamination is a four-letter-word.

As the world starts pushing back on single-use-plastics, consumers and brands have been pushing back on the use of lamination. The ZRX allows for amazing embellishments, without the need for the lengthy (and costly) lamination process.

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